IBS Finance Club and who are behind it

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Interview with third year IBS finance student Jørgen Stensrud

Where are you from and how did you hear about IBS?

I am from Bergen, Norway. I had some friends who enrolled a couple of years before me and they had just wonderful things to say about the school and the city. So I started doing some research and found that the opportunity to study in Budapest and get a British degree seemed quite awesome really. 

What is the story of setting up the IBS Finance Club and who are you doing it with? How did the idea occur to you?

I wanted to start the IBS finance club mainly because I wanted to interact with other students who share the same interest for Finance. Finance is such a broad term, so many topics, so I wanted to try and find out what people are interested in, then further we can explore this together. The club is also very good for networking, this is a business school after all. I also gave a lot of thought to the upcoming internships many of the third year students are preparing for. I wanted to see if we could somehow prepare together. There are many passionate individuals in the club, I would like to mention Ishan Sharma, who is Vice President of Corporate Relations, and Kaja Jeremic who is Vice President of Communications. They have worked as much as me to set up this club up and running it, they are extremely valuable board members as well as club members. 
I should add that we want the finance club also to be a very social place, we meet a couple of times a month and after meetings, we tend to stay and have a drink together. The club is not closed off for finance students. Every student from every module is welcome to join.

What kind of events did you already have?

So far we have participated in two stock trading competitions, we divided all members into groups with one team leader who already have some previous experience and then the groups communicated together on what to buy and sell. We have had one very successful kick-off where we wanted to mark that the club was officially up and running. We had the honour to have Deputy CEO of ING Bank with us to give a lecture about the changing environment in finance, especially technological, and what we finance students must prepare for in the upcoming future. We were also invited to Citi-bank headquarters in Budapest to talk about what they can offer us in terms of internships and possibilities within their bank. So for having been officially up and running since March, I believe we have had a hell of a start. 
I hope that many people wish to join the IBS Finance club this year. Doing some extracurricular activities are getting more important as more and more people take higher education. Sticking yourself out of the crowd is getting harder. But I believe that showing initiative and willingness to explore the subjects beyond the books can help show your next employer that you actually have an interest for this. 

During this summer we also had a very nice chat with Morgan Stanley, they would like to have a dialogue with the club in the upcoming semester and also have a lecture in the beginning so stay tuned for updates.

You as a student received academic scholarship. On what conditions can one get academic scholarship?

I received the academic scholarship on 3 occasions. You have to have a grade average above 75%. We actually had multiple members of the Finance club receiving this award, I don't know the actual count but I know there were at least 5-6 members. I think the common characteristic among the people who received this award is the regular extra effort and interest in the subjects. I also believe that showing up in class, engaging in class-conversation, and doing some pre-class readings can do wonders. For me, to just go through the main topics with someone before a test or exam can be very helpful. There is always someone who manages to pick up something important that you did not. We try to use the finance club to discuss and help each other before tests and think for many it is very helpful. But then again, we all have our different preferences. 
I think for many, the scholarship can be helpful motivation to give that little extra effort in the studies, you get rewarded financially, but also, to have an academic scholarship award next to your resume in a job interview can be very beneficial.

BSc in Financial Management