IBS Employability Survey 2018

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International Business School regularly conducts its Employability Survey to follow up on the career progression success (employment / further education) of its fresh graduates. Six months after our graduation ceremony, we reach out to our former students to inquire about their career paths and to ask them to briefly reflect on their studies at IBS in light of their new experiences.

The results of the current survey are indeed exceptional:

  • more than 78% of our students have found full-time or part-time employment in parallel to or immediately after finishing their studies at IBS;
  • the vast majority (80%) of our graduates earn more than 300,000 HUF per month; 40% of the MSc graduates earn more than 600,000 HUF a month;
  • according to our graduates, they significantly improved their employability skills during their studies, primarily communication, collaboration and project management skills;
  • the majority of our students (65%) reported that they make remarkable or excellent use of the skills acquired at IBS in their current roles.

The study is available here