IBS basketball team is motivated to win, but winning is not the only goal

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“Playing for our University in a jersey with the IBS logo is an honour. We would like to make IBS proud of us.”

IBS basketball team is international and multicultural: Péter Attila, Bálint Csenke, Kamilló Fóra, Khasbazar Gankhuyag, Zoltán Mihály Gyarmati, Ádám Horváth, Berk Ilbasan, Nikola Jevtic, Attila Bence Kiss, Kaan Köksal, Márton Mihályi, Aleks Milovanovic, Dávid Német, Bora Özcan, Mehmet Sokullu, Osman Yücel, Filip Zemlje.

IBS blog talked with the two truly motivated captains of the team, Kamilló Dominik Fóra (BSc student) and Bora Özcan (MSc student). 

Bora, where are you from?

Bora: I am from Turkey, from Izmir, which is in the West part of Turkey. I studied business administration back home. I have been playing basketball since the age 7, I was a professional player as well, at the Anatolian University I played in the university league, also I played in Fenerbahce’s youth team and Pinar Karsiyaka. Then, I was elected to the youth national team just for a short-term.  Unfortunately, I had an injury. After my injury I wanted to focus more on my studies, and this is why I chose to come here to study at IBS where I am in my second year, I have completed the foundation year. I am at MSc in my second year, I studied in the Foundation program. In business, I am interested in leadership programs, and international management.

Was it your idea to set up a team?

Bora: I was searching for Hungarian basketball teams where I could play ever since I have been here. I also knew that there were some people here who would be interested, so I spoke to Kenneth Umeh, our Student Support Manager. I have really special thanks for him because he helped a lot, and without him we could not have set up a team. We started to think about this in December, 2017, and seemed that we could do it. We have been working on it with Kenneth. We found a place where we could practice, and IBS is generously helping to finance it.

How did you find the other members, or who found them?

Kamillo: We both found the members, Bora and I, as well as Kenneth who sent out an e-mail, to all students to see who wanted to join. Of course we needed to see how they could play, they had to reach a certain level, now we have 19 members. Then Ken found our coach, Júlia Sebő who was a professional player, the member of the Hungarian national team.

What are you up to, what is your goal?

Bora: Our aim is to win the championship, to be the champion of the University leagues. Now we are in the second division, and of course, we want to get into first division. In the present division there are 11 teams and we need to play 10 games.

Who is the captain of the IBS team?

Kamillo: We actually have two captains, the one is Bora because he is the best player among us, and I am the other one. Bora is a true leader, he is the best, therefore he can really motivate the others, the whole team, he sets a good example. My role is to put the team together, resolve the small conflicts and organize the life of the team. The team is Hungarian, the league is organized in Hungary, within the Hungarian system, so we are a Hungarian team, even though we have international members. On the other hand, the team needs somebody who speaks Hungarian who can organize things. Our first game was on the 11th of March [see the dates of the matches at the end of the interview], the games are open for the public. We are playing in the Universitas League (which falls under the larger MEFOB championship) and the league is organised by AKE (Amatőr Kosárlabdázók Egyesülete).

Do you meet outside of the gym?

Kamillo: Right now, we are concentrating on practicing and playing. We are learning about one another, we are coming from different cultures, we are getting used to play together.

Bora: We do not have much time either, the other teams have played a lot already, and we have a short period to prepare ourselves for real challenges, we have been together only for two months. We want to win in our division and get to Division A. I hate losing a game, we have motivation and self-determination. I was growing up like this: we must win because we are winners.
Four years ago when I was playing in the team of the Anatolian University, in a match we were leading with just one point, 30 seconds before the end. I missed the last shot then our opponent scored and we lost. It was in 2014, but I have not forgot that moment ever since. I have worked a lot, and we were the champion a year later, and I was elected as a Most Valuable Player in 2015.

Kamillo: Of course, we are very motivated to win. I am playing American football as well, and I have learnt that losing is not an option. Unfortunately, sometimes every team loses games. The most important is to go back to trainings and learn from our mistakes and playing better and better.  But winning is not the only motivation. We are thankful for IBS’ support and we want to prove that it was worth it. We also want to prove it to IBS that they can invest money into the team in the future as well. We can reach our goal, we are not just some guys, who want to play, we are taking it very seriously, we have a professional approach. Playing for our University in a jersey with the IBS logo is an honour. We would like to make IBS proud of us.

Dates of the matches, 11 March, 12 March, 19 March, 26 March, 09 April, 15 April, 30 April

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