Hypnosis 2014

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Hipnózis (Hypnosis) has been the most important competition of Hungarian advertising and creative industry under the aegis of Kreatív since 2001.The guarantee of an uncompromised and transparent evaluation of the competition has always been the international jury.

Following years of online evaluation, this is the first year when the online work is completed with the international jury’s meeting. This new, personal, face-to-face evaluation process provides members of the jury with more opportunity to argue for their judgment. The meeting will take place in Budapest. A representative of the Hungarian Advertising Association is also invited to take part in the meeting of the jury. It is also a novelty that more experts from the region will be involved and in a more intense way. The aim of these innovations is to preserve and guarantee of the unquestionable professional authenticity of Hypnosis, as well as adapt to the new challenges of communication requirements. Members of the jury

  • Svetlana Copic (Serbia) creative director of the platform, New Moment. She was the chair of the jury of Hypnosis last year
  • Marjan Novak, (Slovenia) editor of the magazine Marketing
  • Agata Malkowska-Szozda (Poland), editor of the magazine Press
  • Zdnek Strnad (Czech Republic), communication expert, editor of the magazine Strategies
  • Christian W. Larsen (Denmark), editor of the journal of communication kedsforing
  • Bálint Nagy, head of Department of Marketing at IBS, deputy director of the Hungarian Advertising Association 
  • Péter Szigeti, director of content development of Professional Publishing Hungary, which is also the publisher of Kreatív

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