How to Organize a Conference

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Guest lecturer Mr. Mirwais Janan in László Várkonyi's Diplomatic Protocol class


Our group of third year Business and Diplomacy students have recently had the pleasure to welcome Mr. Mirwais Janan on our Diplomatic Protocol class led by Professor László Várkonyi.


Mr. Janan has been working in the public administration as well as in the non-profit sector for years. Currently he is a Research Fellow at the International Centre for Democratic Transition.  During his professional career, he has often been entrusted with organizing high level conferences.

In his very informative lecture, he shared his experiences in this field. Our class was given a fascinating insight regarding the challenges that organizing conferences may pose. Besides the theoretical background, a thorough review was provided about the practical steps of managing a project like that.

We have come to the understanding that organizing conferences is an integral part of diplomatic activities whereby the rules of protocol play a significant role.

Mr Janan’s lecture was highly appreciated by all students of our class.

by IBS student, Fruzsina Erős