Horse Riding - Alexandra Budai

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1. Please introduce yourself first and then write about the beginning of your sport career. My name is Alexandra Budai. I am 22 years old and I graduated from IBS (BABS) in 2011.

I started riding at age 8 and since then I am “in love” with this sport. I got my first horse, Csillag ('Star') when I was 10 years old. I started competing in show jumping at age 12 with a Lipizzaner mare, Mirandolina. After a while I realized that show jumping is not the right type of sport for me, so I started competing in dressage (2004) with an other horse of mine, with Hermes. In 2004 we became the Champions of Pestcounty in junior rider category. Then I knew that dressage is the right sport for me. Unfortunately Hermes passed away in 2006 ina terrible accident. After that I started to compete with my actual horses, with Big Light and Jatagán. I achieved with Big Light great results and we had the chance to participate in World Cups and we were also qualified for the European Championship of Young Riders in 2008. With the help of Big Light in 2008 I was the third best rider of Hungary.


2. Were you always dreaming about riding a horse or did you also try other sports as well (professionally)?

No, I was born like this. J My mom told me that the fourth word I learnt was “horse”. I never actually wanted to do any other sports professionally. I guess I am a “horse fanatic”. Of course I am doing other sports to like skiing, snowboarding, sometimes tennis, but these sports cannot be compared to riding.

3. How many competitions did you have by now?

I cannot count it. A lot. Usually I go to competitions 2-3 times in a month. This means that I travel with my horse to the place where the competition will be held on Thursday or on Friday and we have a training there one day before the competition. The competitions usually are held on Saturdays and Sundays. So if I have to go to a competition it usually takes 2-3 days of competing.


4. What is your best result and where did you achieve it?

My best results are the followings:

2004 - Team Championship of Young Riders Bronze medallion

2004 – Champion ofPestcounty in Junior category

2005 – Team Championship of Young Riders Gold medallion

2006 - Team Championship of Young Riders Silver medallion

2006 – Team Championship of Counties Gold medallion

2006 – Championship of Hungarian Academic Institutions Bronze medallion

2006 – Championship of Pest county Silver medallion

2007 – Team Championship of Young Riders Gold medallion

2007 – Champion ofPestcounty

2008 – Team Championship of Young Riders Gold medallion

2008 – Champion ofPestcounty

2009 – Team Championship of Young Riders Gold medallion

2009 – Championship of Pest county Silver medallion

2010 – Champion of the National U25 Championship


But for me the best result which I have achieved with Big Light when in Máriakálnok at an international competition we qualified for the European Championship of Young Riders. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to participate on the European Championship because of several reasons.



5. Did you have international competitions too?

Yes, I do have. My primary horse, Big Light is a very well qualified horse and we are competing onIntermediaireI.level (one of the highest level in dressage riding, only Grand Prix is above it). I was with him on World Cups in Lipica (SLO), Kaposvár and several other international competitions. Nowadays I do not have enough time to go to competitions so I rather compete on national level.

6. Why do you like this sport and what is it feel like when you win?

This sport is very hard because it is subjective. It is subjective because judges give you the scores for your program. Also a lot depends on the horse’s actual mood. If he doesn’t want to do a task then he won’t do it. Also a lot depends on how much money you have to buy a good horse…For instance the best dressage horse of the world was bought for 20 million Euros… So for me not the results are the most important things in this sport. It is more important for me to perform very precise and harmonious programs. But if I win, well then that is the best feeling on earth, because it means that you were the best in your category.

7. How much do you train per week?

I usually train 5-6 times a week with my trainer Gyula Dallos who is a world famous dressage rider and sometimes I also train with his daughter Zsófia Dallos.

8. Do you have any lucky charms, you always take with you if you go to a championship?

It might sound stupid but my lucky charm is a parfum. As I said before Hermes, the horse with whom I started competing in dressage and won the first championships passed away in a tragic accident. Once when I was abroad I found in a store a Hermés 24 Fabourg parfum and I thought if I have this parfum on me at competitions then Hermes will always be with me. This happened around when I was 14 years old and since then I am always doing this tradition before each and every competition.

9. What are your future plans conserning sport, studies and profession career?

My future plans concerning dressage, is that my actual horse will be retired next year and I would like to buy a young talent with whom I can compete more internationally.

Studies…well at the moment I am doing my Masters at IBS in Marketing Management.

Career…we will see.