Henrik Thorsnes, a former IBS student introduces his Paradis Xmas Factory

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Henrik Thorsnes, one of our former students has opened a Christmas stand in Budapest. Here is what he has to say about his post IBS experience and recent enterprise.

 When and at which department did you study at IBS?

I attended IBS from 2009 until 2013, and I earned a degree in Business Studies.

How did you decide upon your entrepreneurial activity?

I decided on the entrepreneurial activity already when I was doing my placement, later I understood that self employment suits me the best. This particular activity came to my mind three weeks ago when I was discussing the Christmas markets with a friend.

What exactly is your business focusing on and what are your future plans?

This business is a Christmas booth located at Baross Utca 6 between Kalvin Ter and Ervin Szabo library. The company is called Paradis Xmas Factory, which is one of the brands underneath the Paradis Group umbrella. In this booth, I am selling Scandinavian Christmas food specialties such as Scandinavian waffles, roasted almonds and a certain mulled wine called “gløgg” (a stronger version than the regular mulled wine). We want the booth to make both locals and internationals to feel a bit of the Scandinavian Christmas feeling in Budapest. The future plans is to increase the various businesses underneath the Paradis umbrella, so keep updated for summer products from the Paradis Group from late April 2014!

Do you have any recommendations for our fourth year students, what is the message you would like to hand them?

I think it can be smart to engage in some entrepreneurial activities upon finishing school. This is the time where you have few obligations, and it is no catastrophe if something doesn’t turn out well. If you have a good idea I would try to do it immediately without any fear!