Did you know? More than 60 guest lecturers are invited to IBS every semester.

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Guest lectures coming from the industry are an important part of a good business school’s curriculum. Only this semester, some 68 guest lecturers have been invited to IBS. On average, this means that there is at least one guest lecture in IBS every single day! Among the invited experts, there are bankers, outstanding managers, communication and HR experts, new-age marketing experts, former ambassadors, etc.

Guest lecturers are selected and invited jointly by IBS professors and the IBS Career Office. Their lectures add new aspects and variety to the modules, and not only do they inspire students to learn something new but they also bring the air of “real life” into the classroom. They are beneficial for professors as well by widening their perspectives, adding fresh insight to the teaching material. Guest lectures may also open up career options, and help students to plan their future. And last but not least they are refreshing and amusing as well.

Check out some of our reports on guest speakers in IBS blog. Students are welcome to write about their most memorable guest lecture experiences.

Guest lecturer Zsolt Farkas in the Entrepreneurship module

Guest lecturer Professor Carlos Puente Martin

Máriusz Bari, a guest lecturer at IBS

And many more here.