Freshmen's Camp - 2011

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  Dear Freshmen! If I am not mistaken, you have already heard about the Freshmen's camp that is organised each year for the prospective students to celebrate the beginning of the school year. But why should you come to the lake where this event takes place? Because a good season always starts with a good party and of course there is another reason, namely that it is so much easier to meet your friends on the first scary school day than being alone, without knowing anyone.

If you haven't applied yet, you can still do it ! ! ! But how is it possible? ... you have 3 options to pay the fee of the camp: 1. You can come to the school and pay the fee personally

Fee: 27 500 HUF or 100 Euro Address of IBS: 1021, Budapest, Tárogató út 2-4.

2. Probably you received a letter from us that contains of
  • 2 paper sheets - a letter about the camp and an application form
  • a check - if you are Hungarian, because the international students can either transfer the fee or pay in cash at IBS.
   3. If you haven't received anything, you can contact either the president of the student union ( or me (

President of the Student Union: Fodor Eszter Dalma IBS Trainee: Hajnalka Kovács


Details you have to know:Meeting point: Southern Railway Station of Budapest (Déli Pályaudvar) Meeting time: 6:30 a.m., 2nd September 2011 Who to look for? Bright coloured shirts of IBS staff


If I were you I would definitely come to lake Balaton next weekend because I can tell that we will have an unforgettable time together.  

"Be yourself!...and we are going to crown your summer with unforgettable experiences and memories!"