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Professor Bálint Nagy, Head of Department  of Marketing talked about business education and its latest trends in Jazzy Radio.

Answering questions about how business education is actually done at IBS, how practical skills, real world knowledge are taught, the conversation took an exciting turn. The reporter referred to complaining parents who do not see their kids learning from books, preparing home-works, in other words, learning in a traditional way, how parents themselves used to do it. Parents should not worry too much, Professor Nagy said, as these are the signs of how non-canonized, absolutely current knowledge is given and taken. It is one thing that the professors should know their stuff, but if we think that the teachers’ exclusive job is to transfer knowledge from their head to the students’ head mechanically that is an outdated concept. Of course, we know that instructors should provide a friendly social atmosphere for knowledge production and we try to do that. But instructors should be entertainers as well.

Listen to Bálint Nagy here (July 14, Hol tart az üzleti felsőoktatás, from 49.00’ in Hungarian)!