Culture Projects Posters

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Have you been wondering what kind of posters there are on the walls in the classroom building? Let me tell you about them.


The posters were made by our IUF students as part of their Culture Projects class. This class is a brand new module, which started this semester and it uses the methodology of project work. But how did we come up with this idea? Well, the original idea comes from Jasmina Sazdovska, who came across this method at a conference. So we – that is Dóra Kiss, the module leader and Ági Enyedi, our teacher trainer consultant - discussed how we could use project work methodology at IUF and found that it would work brilliantly in culture related topics. What is new or different about this module is that the students don’t work from ready-made material that they can learn but they have to carry out a research task in given topic areas working in small groups. They can develop their vocabulary with the help of mind maps, they can brainstorm ideas using spider-grams, they interview fellow students to collect information and by the end of the process they compile a poster to demonstrate their topics and to give a presentation about their findings. This way they learn about how to work in groups, how to carry out a research task, how to analyse and interpret information, so they use practical, twenty-first century skills, which they can utilise later on during the course of their studies or at their workplace.


We are very impressed by the nice posters the students prepared and the Culture Projects teachers (Délia Vékony, Krisztina Máthé, Zsuzsa Angeli, Zsuzsa Mácsok, Mariana Zaharieva and Dóra Kiss) are enthusiastic to continue developing this subject.