Credit Entry Opening Ceremony

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In 2011 IBS extended the number of four-year students with many Credit Entry students. This year the students arrived from several different places to study at our BABS and BAFIN faculties. The countries and the institutions are the followings: the Kazakh KAZEU, the Georgian GRU, the Russian RSUTS, the Serbian FIMEK, and finally a Latvian partner university.

The majority of the students live at the Residence Hall (RH), that is next to the university building. Therefore the students have lots of time to spend on socialising together with other students, besides the lectures and seminars. Following their arrival, IBS organized an Induction Week for them to help the students from the distant countries get acquainted with life at IBS. After finishing the year at IBS they have to write a thesis and before going home they will have a final exam with the other 4th year students.