Community Investment and Social Responsibility

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Guest lecturers from ExxonMobil Business Support Center Hungary, Mercedes Berencz, Csilla Csonka, Péter Zsirai in the Business Ethics module led by Professor Katalin Tardos

The three guest speakers represented three different aspects and their relation to Business Ethics (CSR/Recruitment/Corporate controls). As Mercedes Berencz, HR Coordinator explained, the common feature of the three aspects is the high ethical standards and the principles they all follow at ExxonMobil. Mercedes is a dedicated maternity coordinator, and the company won two awards in 2016, Best Workplace for Reintegrating Mothers from Parental Leave as well as Best Workplace for Reintegrating Mothers Raising Children with Special Needs.

Ms. Berencz talked about their employee-friendly approach and how the company helps the planning of a long-term career. A special part of her scope of responsibilities is the reintegration of parental leavers. Being a parent and raising children are important factors of our lives. ExxonMobil provides an environment that helps in harmonizing career, professional and private life. Parents staying home with children remain part of the company’s life, and they are welcome back to work. Parental leave does not mean disruption in your career at ExxonMobil.

Ms. Berencz also described their company’s CSR activities: “We strive to be a good corporate citizen and to support the local community. This goes beyond financial support by donating to non-profit charitable organizations. We also encourage our employees to volunteer in charitable activities and invest into local communities by creating educational programmes for young people. “


What are the benefits for the company to behave ethically in all fields of business? – was one question to the lecturers. Employees appreciate this attitude very much and it strengthens their dedication and loyalty to the company. Furthermore, it creates the atmosphere of mutual trust.

“What are policies and guidelines good for? What does ethics mean in recruitment?” – were the major topics of Csilla Csonka, Recruitment Advisor & Career Development Consultant.

The ExxonMobil BSC complies to a threefold system of laws and regulations: local Labour Code, US regulations, and internal local/global policies and guidelines. It is important to take into account cultural and tradition related factors when creating local policies or guidelines in a multinational company. Equal treatment is a core value, ExxonMobil does not tolerate discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. “Such values are incorporated and strictly followed in our recruitment process as well” – says Csilla Csonka.

Péter Zsirai touched upon many topics, the importance of transparency and safety among them. He talked about the strictness of the controls environment that ensures the integrity of the financial statements. He also expanded on the topic of the work environment, both from an ergonomics and a personal safety point of view.

The presentation was concluded by the summary of how ExxonMobil’s business ethics is represented in all these different areas of the daily business conduct.

MSc in Human Resource Management