Charity donation to commemorate 25th anniversary

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IBS gave 25,000 euros to charity to commemorate its 25th anniversary. We invited 5 charities who have educational programmes that IBS can identify with and the alumni community decided who gets the most funds. 

The charities present had a chance to present themselves to our alumni and received IBS money as a sign of donation. Follow our lead and support them if you can.

Artemisszio Foundation has been working for 18 years to strengthen social solidarity, cooperation and to promote respect of diversity. We work towards building a culturally sensitive, responsible and inclusive society.  We encourage continuous dialogue and interaction between culturally, ethnically and socially diverse groups in order to foster their mutual understanding. 
Bank account number: 16200216-17081335

Haver is a non-profit and Jewish community organization, active in the field of informal educational and working in partnership with individuals, NGO-s and public institutions – mostly high schools and universities – to overcome prejudice, anti-Semitism and intolerance in the Hungarian society.
Bank account number: 18494259-1-42 

Hintalovon Foundation is a new child rights NGO, aiming to promote and facilitate in practice the rights and well-being of Hungarian children. Our goal is to improve the life of children as well as to contribute to the shaping of attitudes toward children in Hungary.
Bank account number: 1160006-00000000-77668686

The main mission of Uccu is to combat prejudices and negative stereotypes related to Roma, so we can all live in a more tolerant and open society. Our Foundation provides an opportunity mainly for primary and secondary school students from all over Hungary to meet and engage in a meaningful conversation with their young Roma peers.
Bank account number: 11794015-20000710

The John Wesley Kindergarten, Primary School, Vocational School and Secondary School was founded in 2003, in order to start an institution for disadvantaged children who would be otherwise excluded from state institutions due to several reasons. In addition, we would like our children to enjoy life every day during their pre-school years.
Bank account number: 12010659-00125682-00100009 


Congratulations to the five charities that participated!