Cast into Deep Waters no. 1: How to Pitch?

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Guest lecturer Zsolt Farkas in the Entrepreneurship module

I Build a Startup Competition is the first international entrepreneurship competition at IBS with remarkable cash prizes to motivate and to support students’ unique business ideas and assist them in shaping their concepts through the insights of a professional jury. The competition is open to all our students. Those are also welcome who can invite IBS alumni or professors to join their teams as well. Enrol in the competition and take your share from the awesome prize pool. Read more here, in moodle.

Most probably, students in the Entrepreneurship module, led by Professor Éva Radvány and Loretta Huszák, will enroll in the competition. They are learning the skills to set up, present, validate and work out their business idea, following the Lean Canvas methodology. Excellent high profile guest lecturers, experts are invited to the module, Zsolt Farkas was one of them on November 15. Zsolt is a young marketing expert, mentor and one of the founders of 7 Digits Growth Marketing Agency.

The module is preparing students for real life situations, in a way a bit like being cast into deep waters to see how they can use all the knowledge and skills that they acquired during their two years of college studies. After weeks of discussing start up ideas in the course, Zsolt Farkas gave a presentation on pitching. As a pitch trainer himself, he outlined the basic rules of pitching in a very condensed way. See one great example of an elevator pitch here.

The students actually did practice pitching, and received many questions. Standing in front of a group of people who can ask embarrassing questions about your business idea is an intimidating situation, but the students have successfully overcome the first challenge which is just the beginning. The next step will be the empirical validation of some aspects of their business ideas and on 6th December they have the pitch contest within the module where they have to hold a professional pitch in front of external experts.

Follow the progress of the module in our subsequent blog entries.