Career Story by Virág Gulyás

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Our former student, Virág Gulyás talks about her career.

When did you finish your studies at IBS, and what was your academic programme?

My name is Virág Gulyás and I am 26 years old. I graduated at IBS in 2010 on the BAIBR academic programme with excellent grades.

How did your career start and where were you working by now?

During my studies I intended to gather as much experience and knowledge as possible, that is why I decided to spend my placement year by a listleading HR advisory company (UK) as Junior Consultant. Afterwards I supported the European Times' representatives for 4 months as a personal assistant.

In this year I had the chance to ascertain, which professional perspectives I should go for, therefore I decided to turn to the public sector and the political side of my studies. I applied for an internship position in the Parliament and I won it for a 7 months period. I participated in the EU Issues community's work, where I finally collected real life experience and I had to make decisions that meant not just challenges but difficulties too.

After graduating,  I started to work by the Ministry for National Economy. Yes, after this I soon went to Brussels, where they honoured me to become an ECOFIN assistant. This department was dealing with both economical and financial issues that I liked a lot. Of course after the Hungarian EU Presidency's expiration, my mission also came to an end.

Since then I am working in Brussels as a marketing coordinator by a consultancy company.   In parallel with my job, I also write some articles to (Paris, Budapest office).

How do your studies connect to your profession?

I am very happy that I finally received a question related to the positive sides of IBS. During my interviews and assessment centres I always realized how practical I am since I was able to fulfil many kind of tasks related to the job, while the others who I was competing with, were not entirely efficient. And this fact has been intensifing since I am working.

There are not too many subjects that I was studying previosly that I couldn't use effectively and develop further since I am employed. But I would say that the most important skill above all is the English presentation skills. Numerous projects, that were not just printed and submitted, but we had to present, helped us to come through the difficulties by an international professional firm. Not to mention the Business English, Business Writing basic subjects!!!

Furthermore, I have to admit that micro and macreeconomics subjects were as important as the previous subjects mentioned, especially when I used the learned tools during my daily routines when Hungary was the president country of the EU. And of course I felt so great when I realized that those interesting topics I heard in the international political classes at IBS livened in front of my eyes.

I am still wondering whether I could be able to experience all these things in the last few years if I haven't decided to come to this school.

What is the company dealing with where you are currently working?

The firm I am working for ( is a link between the private sector and EU institutions. According to the EU legislation, all non EU manufacturers have to appoint an EU representative in order to be able to sell their products on any of the EU member states’ market. Our company is a European Representative Center acting on behalf of any non-European manufactures who aim at entering the EU market and we are helping them to comply with the regulations. We specialize on the Medical Devices and Cosmetics.

What are your future plans?

In the near future I would like to get a Masters degree and I would like to improve my French language skills. What the professional life offers me? I don't like to restrict myself, so I try to be aware of new opportunities that open several new doors and windows to me.    :)