Budapest College of Management (ÁVF) merges into IBS as of January 1, 2015

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After the successful acquisition of the Budapest College of Management by IBS, ÁVF merged into IBS on January 1, 2015. IBS aims to strengthen its Hungarian programme portfolio both at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, as well as join the synergies of two well-established institutions.

The partner programmes of IBS and The University of Buckingham are further enriched and diversified by the most successful degree programmes of ÁVF. During the academic year of 2015/2016, new programmes, conducted in Hungarian, will include business and management, international studies and international business at the Bachelor’s level, and international studies and business development at the Master’s level.

"IBS currently offers a  first year in its undergraduate programmes both in English and in Hungarian, while our MSc programmes are exclusively in English, therefore we believe it is important to diversify our portfolio and add relevant courses in Hungarian as well" – says IBS rector Dr László Láng. "These new courses will be slightly redesigned to meet the standards and methods unique to IBS, including small size classes, and anonymous assessment practices; students entering our programmes will acquire a solid understanding of the necessary theoretical background, while also developing a skillset, which will be an indispensable and  precious asset in their “real life” work. Students enrolling to the new Hungarian-language programmes will commence their studies in a truly international atmosphere, with students coming from 65 countries, in Budapest’s most innovative business park , Graphisoft Park, that hosts 60 major domestic and multinational companies."

For further information about our new programmes, tuition fees, and admission, please visit our our programmes pages in Hungarian.