Alumni Eve

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On 24th October IBS organized an alumni eve held in the theatre hall with an exceptional interview with Patricia Leary-Kreitzer, General Manager of GE Aviation. She graduated from Clarkson University in upstate New York with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Since late 1989, GE has been one of the most significant multinationals operating in Hungary. Today all five GE core businesses are active in the country. Currently GE is the largest U.S. investor and employer (13,000+) and one of the biggest exporters of Hungary, while as a customer has a key supplier base of 2,000+. As a supplier, GE’s 21st century energy, transportation, healthcare, water and lighting solutions can help Hungary to develop and increase its competitiveness. The key to this success is GE's culture of partnership with our associates, with local communities, with the business & scientific community and with the government.




During the interview Ms. Leary-Kreitzer answered questions concerning her career path and was also talking about her experience in Hungary.

She has been working at GE Aviation for 17 years and in Hungary for three and a half years. When talking about the biggest accomplishments of her career, she mentioned moving from the USA to CEE. She said it took a lot of courage to run two plants in two different countries and of course a sense of adventure to take such a big decision.

About living in Hungary she said it was a completely new situation and she described it as incredibly nice. However when comparing the working environment in USA and here she mentioned couple of differences in the relationship between the boss and the employees. Here the general impression is that what the boss says the employees have to do, although in the USA this relationship tends to be more about communication and interaction. She is interested in reaching the employees in order to know what they think, what they like and what they are not satisfied with, which at the end proved to be a good approach and the feedback of the employees was positive.

At the end the participants got space to ask their questions, which mostly focused on a role of a leader in a company, what difficulties it has and how to solve various unexpected situations.

All in all this evening was very exciting, full of thought provoking questions and answers.