IBS Alumni Eve with Adam Somlai-Fischer, Co-Founder and Principal Artist of Prezi

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On 13th March the 3rd Alumni Eve was organized at IBS within the walls of the Theatre Hall which was almost completely filled. This time we had a chance to meet a truly inspiring and well-known entrepreneur, Ádám Somlai-Fischer, co-founder of Prezi presentation software that was launched in 2009 in partnership with Péter Halácsy, the CTO and Péter Árvai, the CEO of the company.



36 million users have joined Prezi platform so far, which is even more interesting by adding the fact that monthly 1.5million new users sign up to enjoy the amazing features of Prezi. Ádám started his presentation by explaining the career of Prezi, from their point of departure up until nowadays, and also highlighted some future plans.


According to Ádám, he always had an urge for innovation and this was the ground on which he started to build his relation with the two other co-founders. It was through his early projects that they started to work on the idea to develop „Prezi,” a new, innovative presentation software that changes the way people communicate by using strong visual tools. Among those who influenced him the most he mentioned his professor, Peter Hasdell in Stockholm, who taught him not to focus on solving problems, but on building visions, his wife, Anita Pózna and also the two Peters (Péter Halácsy and Peter Arvai). Ádám believes the key elements of a start up are getting the right team to work on your idea and finding people for whom your product creates a value, in other words, finding the market and investors.


Apart from millions of users Prezi is also attractive for its own employees thanks to its unique company culture. Creative minds from 28 countries are working in the Budapest office enjoying an environment in which Ádám himself wanted to work. Prezi cares about its community by placing its offices in the centre of city life so that those coming from abroad get the cultural hub of what Budapest has to offer. They also promote biking and support it with a free bicycle service. Moreover, there are no strict working hours and kids and pets are allowed in the offices in order to create an inspiring atmosphere for everyone. Prezi operates on two locations, Budapest and San Francisco, but there are no headquarters as they are not subordinate to each other.


Finally, Ádám talked about their educational programmes, especially the one for highschool girls that encourages them to join the professions of male dominancy e.g. engineering and IT. He is the happiest about kids playing around and expanding their vision by using Prezi. Read our interview with Prezi founder Adam Somlai-Fischer here>>