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IBS Finance Club and who are behind it

Budapest is the least expensive city in Europe to study abroad

Look who is on TV!

IBS Finance Club kick-off was a great success

“We not only talk about multiculturalism but we experience it.”

"Nobody will have a problem finding a job"

Field trip to Kirchhoff Automobile Ltd.

Meet our racing driver student, Krisztián Szabó

Meet our student, Radwa Al-Maghrabi from Egypt

Tourism students in Szentendre

Tourism students at Hotel Aria

Meet our Master's students from India

Multicultural teamwork in IBS education

Meet our Bachelor's student, La Sheika Campbell

Our students' holiday traditions

“The education in Hungary is outstanding."

"We are given a lot of opportunities to improve our working experience and skills at IBS!"

Meet our student, Emmi Sperrhake from Germany

"When I came to Budapest and IBS, I understood that it was a good choice."

IBS students at Kazakh Turkic Conference