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Meet Farhad, founder of the IBS Book Club!

Stand out with a video CV

IBS peer mentor students visited SWICON

Wellbeing day 2019

Valentine's day at IBS is an international affair

Judit Varga, Minister of State of EU Relations

Yumei Sang MSc student IBS-Vienna participated at the Paris Peace Forum

IBS job fair was a great success with prestigious participants

Culture Projects Posters

IBS PaIR club invited FBI agent David Snyder

Learn more about IBS Doctorate programme

Meet our MSc Student Kiki Van der Zee from the Netherlands

IBS organized a cultural trip to Palermo

Cricket: Team work and Patience

Get out of your bubble and go for a semester abroad with Erasmus!

Peer mentoring Ceremony and a big thank you

10 years after the Russian-Georgian war: documentary films reflecting on the war consequences.

“We always wanted to do something meaningful, something for others”

IBS basketball team is motivated to win, but winning is not the only goal

Coffee goes global