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Open Day of the German Embassy in Budapest on May 17, 2014, as seen by IBS exchange student Lisa Wahlmeyer

Interview with one of IBS' Erasmus students from the Netherlands

George Fisher-Wilson, an IBS Erasmus student wrote about his impressions about studying with us on Huffington Post

Farsang 2014

Where to study in Budapest?

Where to eat with your family in Budapest?

Where to eat with your friends in Budapest? – part I.

Nouveau Magyar Cuisine

Daubner Confectionary

La Delizia - Kekszmanufaktúra

Best clubs in Budapest

Best pizza delivery in Budapest

LEVES (Soup)

Városligeti Műjégpálya - Budapest Ice Rank

Grandart - a new partner for 'Stay as Home'

New app in town

Gelarto Rosa