Peer mentoring Ceremony and a big thank you

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On Friday May 18 we could thank second year students for their Peer Mentoring work for the first time.

It was Kenneth Umeh’s idea to set up this helping system, as peer to peer help is indispensable indeed, and especially in an international school where students have to deal with the usual study tasks and also have to get adjusted to an absolutely new cultural environment. Pro-Rector of Operations Zoltán Graf and Student Support Manager Kenneth Umeh thanked and welcomed the Peer Mentors.


  • Mária Csóka
  • Dorina Lungu
  • Dziyana Charamisava
  • Emma Dizmatsek
  • Eszter Uhrin
  • Fabiola Del Nogal
  • Fidan Mirzayeva
  • Karin Linn Olofsson
  • Kimia Mirzaabolghasem
  • Koni Kaboshiyo Avongs
  • Marina Vukobrad
  • Munavvar Arikhova
  • Nikola Koprivica
  • Ferenc Rácz
  • Sebastian Munoz Ruiz
  • William Garcia Cadena

and gave them the 1st ever IBS Peer Mentoring Certificate. This occasion was the end of the cycle which began last summer when students completed their training and continued through the 2017/18 academic year as Mentors. All of the Peer Mentors have made an important contribution to their mentees (our Common Year English and Common Year Hungarian students), so much so that we have received a huge increase in applications to become Peer Mentors for the next academic year. Here are some quotes from the emails of Peer Mentor Applicants, “I would like to be a Peer Mentor for the incoming Common year students. I have adjusted well to IBS and Hungary thanks to the words that my mentor said to me when I first arrived and I hope to help someone in the same position that I was in when I first arrived here by giving them a helping hand and a friendly face to talk to and ask for help.” “I would like to sign up for the mentorship program. I think I have a lot to give back to the new students that I got from my amazing mentor and from what I have learned from school.” A feedback from Mentee Survey, “My mentor, was very helpful during this year especially in the beginning and during midterms and exams she gave us her support and really helpful suggestions and advice.”

“This is all down to you, so please do congratulate yourself with a round of applause”  - said Ken.

Thank you students! Thank you Ken!