Mailing a document or parcel abroad

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According to our experience, many of our international students need to use courier or postal services. Here is some help.

If you need to send documents to your home country, IBS can help you to organise that through DHL. In this case you need to provide Anna Doherty ( ) with the address of delivery (including the postcode), contact person, mobile number and email. After checking the price of delivery you will have to pay at the Cash Office of IBS. The delivery will be organised after the payment.

If you need to send a parcel abroad, you can organise it through the EMS Service of Magyar Posta (the Hungarian Post):
- they safely deliver to 114 countries
- the company can come to your home to pick up the package
- to order call: +36-1-222-7777 or +36-1-333-7777 or order through