"We are given a lot of opportunities to improve our working experience and skills at IBS!"

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Our next guest is Ayan Mirzayeva, the Azerbaijani student of BSc in Financial Management. She shared her IBS experience with our website readers.

How would you describe IBS and your degree programme to our readers?

IBS is a business school where students from different backgrounds are studying business, getting vital experience and developing key skills for further career.

I study BSc in Financial Management. Although it is the most difficult bachelor’s programme here, I am very satisfied with my choice. This programme is for those who can deal with numbers, because finance is all about counting money and managing business.

How do you like IBS campus?

IBS campus is located in Graphisoft park. There are a lot of different companies around the campus, which creates the truly business environment. The buildings are up-to-date and well equipped.

What are the main advantages of International Business School compared to other higher education institutions?

First, what I like in IBS is that the seminars are interactive and each seminar has Power Point slides in which the topic is shown structural and schematic. Second, the Moodle system helps a lot in studies. We can access all the material there: presentations, articles, titles of books for reading and get the information about the requirements for assignments, deadlines and marking criteria. Third, we are given a lot of opportunities to improve our working experience and skills. For example, a lot of group works, written assignments, practises, learning how to write CV and introduce yourself. Moreover, there are job fairs at IBS, where students can learn about the companies and opportunities for work.

How did Hungary attract you and make you choose this country for bachelor’s studies?

I always wanted to study in Europe. I chose this country mainly because of the university. I really liked the IBS and the opportunities that it gives in life, so it was the major factor influencing my choice.

What were your first impressions about Hungary when you first arrived here?

I’ve never been in Hungary, so it was my first time and I didn’t know what I should expect. I was pretty much surprised, because Budapest is very beautiful city.

Could you share your student life? What do IBS students do in their free time?

Of course, most of the time we have to study in order to pass all exams with good grades. It can be quite challenging to have free time. But I mostly spend my free time on hobbies: literature, photography and movies. Honestly, there are a lot to do in this city. You can go walking or cycling in parks, along Danube river or just out in the streets. Or you can go out with friends, sit in cafe with cup of coffee.

What was your favourite subject and professor during your studies so far? Why do you like him/her?

I can’t name the one particular professor. But overall, I like all of them in this semester, because I made my own schedule with seminar leaders that I prefer. Regarding the subjects, I enjoy my Accounting for Managers and Marketing classes. I’ve been interested in Accounting since last year. I can say that it changed my opinion about final programme choice. Because of this subject I understood that working with numbers isn’t that boring. The Marketing class is rather new for me, I’ve been studying it for almost 2 months and I find it very interesting. In this module I learned a lot about the strategies of companies, the promotion and advertising, the creation of brand for products I use in everyday life. This field interests me, that is why I like the subject.

BSc in Financial Management

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