IBS students at Kazakh Turkic Conference

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Kazakh Turkic International Conference 'The continuity of traditions of statehood in the Great Steppe in celebration of the 550 anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate' took place in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Budapest.

It gathered not only different nationalities, countries, mentalities of people, moreover it united people with the same spirit, those who are willling to know the roots of their culture and history, who are aiming to go ahead and develop cultural inheritance of world languages.

The event highlighted the historical facts of the Kazakh Khanate, peculiarities of formation of the Kazakh nation and the state, the importance of the role of the Kazakh culture and civilization in the world. The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Hungary joint with the Hungarian Academy of Science and the Students' Association 'Kaz Alyans' organized an International conference, with the participation of more than 15 Kazakh, Hungarian, Turkish speakers, including experts of Turkology, professors, PHD scientists of history and Kazakh students.

Kazakh students from 'KazAlyans' studying at the best universities in Hungary, took an active part in the organization of the conference. Their sense of responsibility supported Kazakhstan's image as a modern and stable country with a progressive future. IBS students took part in the prestigious event enthusiastically and benefited from a deeper understanding of their own culture.

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