IBS – I Build a Startup Competition, Second round – One Pager

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The second round of the first IBS I Build a Startup international startup competition ended 3 March with 16 submissions all together.

The competition was announced in September by the founder of IBS,  Dr. István Tamás, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary celebration of the school to support the business ideas of students and alumni with maximum 25 000 Euro prize pool for the three rounds of the contest. The participants have the opportunity to compete for the one time IBS grants: 100 Euros for the first Elevator pitch round, 1000 Euros for the second One-pager round and 5000 Euros for the third ’Tiger’s Nest’ round. 

For the second round the online jury (Dea Frankó Csuba, Gergely Tamási, Éva Radvány, Olivér Sziller) chose the most promising four concepts awarded with the 1000 Euro one-time IBS grants.

… and the recipients of IBS startup competition grant are:

Hunter Ansell  (USA) and Aengus Connor O’Donoghue (Germany)

Right Now is a social media application which provides a captivating and structured platform for users to discover real life events, previously unrecognized or concealed by the multitude of irrelevant information congesting current social media networks.  Utilizing a simple, intuitive platform, this application will connect people by location, based on preferences, to desirable upcoming events and get-togethers in real time.  Right Now will connect people and establishments with their community and surroundings in a revolutionary, more efficient, and more immediate way than historically possible.  This useful application and its information, through minimal costs, can provide revenue through multiple methods and means.

Zamanbek Zhaksylyk (Kazakhstan)

The proposed project is a higher education recruitment platform that helps students to choose the best and most appropriate international study institution with no language barrier and taking into consideration all personal preferences including financials.

BSc in Management