IBS – I Build a Startup Competition, First round – Elevator Pitch

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The first round of the first IBS I Build a Startup international startup competition ended 9 December with 40 submissions all together.

The competition was announced in September by the founder of IBS,  Dr. István Tamás, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary celebration of the school to support the business ideas of students and alumni with 25 000 Euro allocation for the three rounds of the contest. The participants have the opportunity to compete for the one time IBS grants: 100 Euros for the first Elevator pitch round, 1000 Euros for the second One-pager round and 5000 Euros for the third ’Tiger’s Nest’ round. 

For the first round the online jury (Dea Frankó Csuba, Gergely Tamási, Éva Radvány, Olivér Sziller) chose the most promising four concepts to be awarded with the 100 Euro one-time IBS grants.

… and the recepients of IBS startup competition grant are,

FestiPack -- László Sándor and Krenchel Christopher
FestiPack is useful product saving a lot of inconvenience for festival visitors: it combines location pinging tent lock, and a solar powered phone charger, people won’t have to struggle finding their tents or worry about phones dying at a festival.

Ishan Sharma
A new and useful bike lock that combines the advantages of the U-Lock and the Wire Lock: this gives users the added security features of complete protection with the wire while still keeping it portable and easy to carry like a U-Lock. The design has already been patented in the US and planned to be also in Europe.

A customized online clothing design platform (website), where customers design their own clothes and receive them via mail. They can choose starting from the texture/color and ending with extra buttons, flowers or other accessorizes. If they have trouble combining the colors or extra elements, they can consult a special online guide offered on the website or send an email to my company. They will also be able to see how the dress will look on them by uploading their photo.

Esquer Ibanez Diana
Business Matchmaking is a service app, “Tinder” for businesses focusing on the construction industry. The global cloud database provides business match-making solutions to connect top construction companies with professional sub-contractors also featuring customized filters and personal notifications.

The second round of the competition is open until 3rd March, we are looking forward to the further developed and new ideas in a 1 page executive summary. Competition details and rules are available on Moodle

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