“We not only talk about multiculturalism but we experience it.”

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Read the interview with Fruzsina Selmeczi, our Master's student.

Why did you choose to continue your studies at the MSC program after your BA at IBS?

I began BA 4 years ago, I studied Business and Management. I liked the methods, the practical approach to problem-solving and I felt that what we were learning I could immediately use in practice. We had a placement year when we had to work at a company and nothing could have proven the usefulness of the gained knowledge better than the fact that we could really use it in real life. I have friends from other colleges and universities and if I compare their experiences to mine ones, I can say that IBS is providing more up-to-date knowledge and skills, we are not learning things that were new 20 years ago. Also, they are complaining that they have to memorize a lot of things, a lot of theory that is not really useful in practical life. They are not dealing with everyday issues, learning marketing tools but they stick to the good old things. Naturally, it was also very attractive that I could finish MSc in one year. I knew that it would not be easy, I would have to work a lot, but it could be completed and done. My younger sister is studying at IBS too, she is more interested in arts, she is studying at Arts Management. So, I can say that I was the vanguard, I tried IBS, I liked it, and she followed me.

What segment of business are you interested in?

Two of my professors, Bálint Nagy and Alan Godsave raised my interest in marketing, they both had a decisive role in my studies. I am now preparing my thesis paper where I really would like to apply all those that I learned from them. The professors, teachers are really helpful at IBS, the students are open and tolerant. The fact that I can study in a multicultural environment and in English, and I do not even need to leave Hungary for that, is wonderful and has a lot of potentials.

Is there any special task that you especially liked?

Not long ago, in our Cross Cultural Management Skills module, we had a group activity that I found extremely exciting. This was a simulation where the groups created the culture, the myths and all other specificities of an imaginary country. Then we had to represent our “country” in the other “countries” in the form of job interviews. It was really exciting because our group was really composed of students from many different countries. It was a challenge that we were from many different countries - not only in this imaginary situation but also in real life-  and we had to work together to create a new and common culture and make decisions together.

How could you some up what you learned from this exercise?

For me, the most memorable thing I learned from this is that we could experience how multicultural environment and differences can effect problem-solving and group efficiency in a positive way. To cooperate in an effective way, however, demands openness and tolerance towards different cultures. The way how we learned this, we not only talked about it but we actually experienced it - makes this knowledge even more memorable and deeper.

What are your plans?

I am especially interested in road freight transportation and logistics, in other words, I would like to carry on our family business, I am already working part-time while I am doing my MSC. I think that marketing in the road freight transportation sector is rather neglected yet in Hungary but because of the stronger, the competition is getting the more important it is. Small and medium- sized road freight transportation companies should create their own identity, as well as send out positive messages both towards their partners and towards their potential employees. I would like to analyze all these in a profound way in my thesis paper. 

MSc in Marketing Management