Visegrád, Esztergom - Summer School

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Hi Everyone! Today we will travel to one of the most beautiful palaces of Hungary: Castle of Visegrád. Although the weather is not so shiny as usually during the summer but we take our chance to visit and discover a place where many interesting historical events took place long time ago... starting in 1302...

The Árpád dynasty died out in 1301 and there were 3 potential candidates who wanted to ascend the throne of Hungary. Though they couldn't ascend it, because some tyrants tried to get the throne for themselves, so an interregnum period started in 1302 and lasted till 1308, when Charles Robert I (House of Anjou) got the throne. In 1312 he had to fight some tyrants, because they were not satisfied with their position and this fight is called battle of Rozgony. After winning the fight, he decided to place his royal seat to Visegrád, because he didn't get on well with the tyrants. In 1335, Charles Robert  hosted a congress for 2 months with the Bohemian king (Czech), John of Luxembourg and the Polish King, Casimir III. This congress had a role in creating a peaceful period between the 3 countries and some strategic trading decisions were also made. Charles Robert turned out to be a very good king of Hungary because he established good trading relationships with the neighbours, he created a statute book in 1351 and figured out the court baron act as well, that regulated the jurisdiction upon the serfs working for landlords.

After visiting Visegrád, we continued our trip to Esztergom, to climb up the starirs of the famous and stunning Basilika. The IBS trainee took some pictures during the trip, that you can find on the following link: /Article made by Hajnalka Kovács - IBS Trainee/