"The Song of Songs" of Idan Raichel - שיר השירים

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Idan Raichel is an Israeli multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and composer. A real renaissance man whose lyrics inspired by the Song of Songs Of Solomon are so deep and intense that they are truly part of contemporary literature.

His music is labeled as world music but it's a mistake to put it in that category. All that cheesiness attached to this genre is gone, instead of it, sheer beauty. Many artists took part in his albums from all around the world: Ethiopia, Iraq, Israel, Spain, Kenya. And the result of this diversity of nationalities and cultures is awesome music. Here is a beautiful song sang in Swahili by Somi: And from his first album sang by Idan Raichel: English translation: Out of the depths I called unto you, come Your return shall rekindle the spark in my eyes Neither done nor forsaken the touch of your hand To the sound of your laughter shall glow here again Out of the depths I called unto you, come 'neath a moon that shines brightly your way back to me In your ear whisper ask again Who is it that calls to you tonight, listen Who sings aloud under your window Who stakes his soul just for you to be happy Who'll lend his hand to build you a home Who'll lay his life down under your footsteps Who like the earth at your feet shall live on Who'll love you better than all of your lovers Who'll save you from the rage of the storm If you like him (and why wouldn't you, he's simply brilliant) you can check him out in Budapest as well on the 4th of September in the Dohány street Synagogue at 7 p.m. http://www.zsidonyarifesztival.hu/Idanraichel2.html