The first Club Fair at IBS

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The first IBS Club Fair was a great success, we met so many enthusiastic and motivated students presenting their ideas to the IBS community. Here is short summary of their proposals.

Feel free to contact and join them until 22 December 2017. 

Angling Club - Roland Kasek

Roland Kasek did angling – fishing with a rod and line – as a sport and later returned to it as a hobby, so he can bring knowledge to the club. As he says the fish is your sport partner, so should be treated accordingly. He very rarely eats the catch – actually, he takes a quick photo and let them free, back to the waters.

This is an outdoor activity, when people can spend time together, it can be done summer, winter, any time. The best time for angling is when you go angling, he says.

Everybody is welcome, those as well who would not like to fish just spend time, a day or two, together in beautiful nature. There are plenty of activities available – eg. camp fire, cooking, walking around – during a trip besides angling.

From the practical part, a trip is like skiing in winter, needs some organizations and brings great joy. Fishing is not an expensive activity, basic equipment is reasonably priced.

Preparation for a spring-time trip starts in February. No previous experience required!



Art Club - Fidan Mirzayeva

“I would like to set up a club for creative activity, we would do all kind of arts. We share ideas as a team, and we do drawing, photography, even fashion, if you want to make T shirts, let’s do it. Of course, some of these activities depend on the number of people in the club. We will have a meeting to create the agenda, what we want to do together. Going to galleries, exhibitions. We would be happy to make holiday decorations, for example, in IBS. I study diplomacy but my hobby is art and I often do not know about what is going in in the art modules, what other students are offered to immerse in art, and the local art scene. I would be so interested and I hope that other people would be interested as well. Sometimes your major is not what you are doing in your leisure time.”



PaIR - Political and International Relations Club - Márk Ambrus and Árpád Csabuda

“The main goal of the club is to immerse in international relations and affairs, to see their economic, cultural and historical background and context. Obviously, we cannot and neither do we wish to avoid talking about Hungarian politics. We would like to organise lectures and debates. We are hoping for a lively and active atmosphere where everybody is free to express their opinion, and we also hope that this will lead a deeper understanding of current changes in international affairs. In addition, it will help to improve our discussion skills as well, which is crucial both in school and in a professional work environment. We have to be objective, realists and try to avoid getting too emotional. This is probably the most difficult part when it comes to political discussions but perhaps also the most challenging. We would like to invite experts who have vast knowledge and experience in a given field or topic. We are hoping to start with an event about the current situation in Catalonia. Future events could cover EU sanctions against Russia, the Ukrainian crisis, US foreign policy, and the migration crisis, just to name a few.”

Contact:, or


Chess Club- Márk Ambrus

“Chess is my passion and hobby. I would like to get together with people who are into chess as well. Just get together, play chess, talk about stuff and get to know each other better within that frame. I have been playing chess ever since I am conscious. It was my grandfather who taught me how to play. I am not a professional player but I play reasonably well. All are welcome.”

Contact: or


Room X  - Fruzsina Tiszai

“Room X (in which the X stands for any topic) is not much of a "club", but will be more of a series of events. It's an open-mic thing, where you can share anything you want to share (you can sing, recite poems, tell a story, discuss a topic, do comedy, or freestyle-rapping, you can show photos or films you may have made, or even do bmx-tricks if you want to), as long as it's not offensive towards others, or do not harm them. Its aim is to get IBS students closer to have a stronger IBS connection within the school, and to get to know more people just by these gatherings. Also, another aim is to develop ourselves, for instance to be brave enough to perform in front of an audience, and to be proud of who you are, and what you can do.

So basically, I would really-really like to have as many IBS people as I can, so we can mutually support each other. You can sign up as a performer, or you can also sign up as a member of the audience. Groups can perform as well.

At the moment, I would just like to see how many people are interested, and then we can decide on the date of the first event. I am making a Facebook group this afternoon, so make sure you look for it under the name of "Room X".

Let me know what you think about it, and if you have further questions!”



Finance Club - Gábor Márton

“The aim of the club is to gather people who are interested in Finance beyond school level. Members of the club care about their studies, and their opportunities after earning the degree. Generally speaking, we want to take Finance on a next level.

The club has been set up for time, and we already have meetings on each Friday. We meet at a bar and start with casual chatting. There are 15-20 people who regularly go to these Friday meetings, although we have more members. Members of the club have a chance to research a topic and present it to the group. By these presentations we gain a more thorough understanding of recent topics. As an example, we listened to Nikola Koprivica as he introduced the Housing Bubble. We have prestigious guests as well, recently we had a guest from Morgan & Stanley. The highpoint of the club life is listening to our guests introducing their jobs and share their ideas. Usually, they are more than happy to come.

Another important benefit is that the active members of the club earn a certificate upon graduation. Our next event is on December 11, when we are visiting the Budapest Stock Exchange. For me personally, says Gábor, the best is that I can learn what I can do after I complete my studies, how I can use my degree, what kind of careers are open for me. The club is also a great community what many of us had been missing before joining the Finance Club.”



IBS music club - Aziz Abilzade and Madina Zarifova

Aziz Abilzade: "I love music, music is my passion. I used to play the violin for 8 years, now i'm playing guitar. Maybe I can help other people to play music or just enjoy it." "I am trying to learn how the music industry works", adds Madina. Aziz Abilzade: "We expect students who are fond of music to join our club. Playing some musical instruments is a plus. There are students here at IBS, who are musicians. I know people who play drums, the acoustic guitar or electronic guitar, I also know students who can sing. We may set up a band with them and play at IBS parties. It has been a dream of mine to open such an interaction here. Now I am in my final year at university. Hopefully, I will continue MSc program with IBS; and while I still have a chance, it is a right time when we can open a music club and it will be very beneficial for future students and freshmen."

Madina Zarifova: “To join IBS Music Club, having an interest in music is enough. The main goal is to build music community within IBS. Moreover, the club helps students with their musical ideas. We can also make shows and karaoke events. Another idea is to collaborate with clubs to perform together. For example, on Christmas, which is very soon.”

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Drama Society - Linn Anna Karin Olofsson Olin and Mehrose Amin

“IBS is a very business oriented school and some people are missing a bit different type of creative activity. Also, students who complete their studies here need to speak and act in front of hundreds of people, sometimes during their later career. Many people; however, are lacking the confidence to do so. Hence, drama is a good practice. When I was a kid I used to play in the school theatre, and in high school I also did a lot of creative activity. We would like to create a space for that here as well. We are setting up this club together with Mehrose Amin, he is at MSc. He will be the head of logistics as he has more experience in theatre. We actually proposed the same idea separately, and then we were put in contact to carry out our ideas together. The aim of the club is to motivate people, help them to gain confidence, and of course to have fun. There are a lot to do, not just acting, decorations, backstage work, so we also need people for those tasks. It is a social club with a touch of creativity. Everybody is welcome!”

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A cappella - Ulas Erkan Özberk

“I think the name says it all. In the group, there will be no instruments other than our voices. This way we learn  how to work together in a huge group in a “perfect harmony”. A cappella is a traditional genre, but it has contemporary, up-to-date versions as well, so I would like to discover what we are capable of with the group members with a vast range of vocal skills. In our further meetings in the second semester, we will try to perform to see how we can sing together, and to hear the different voices. We have lots of options of what to sing: there is a classical repertoire and more contemporary as well- we will need to discuss what direction we would like to take during the meetings. There is one thing I am sure about, with our friendly and committed members, we will accomplish something beautiful.

We will start the rehearsals in the second semester, this semester is only about the foundation. We will have our first meeting before Christmas. 22 people have signed up so far, however, the maximum number in an a cappella group is around 10, but we will see how we can manage.

I have been singing for a while, and I used to be a part of an a cappella group for two years. I also already have “professional” , and really talented members (if I can say that), who are eager to help, and perform with us. Anyone, who likes to sing, is welcome!”