The end of the Summer School - 2011

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Time is passing without recognising it and the summer school already finished last week. But before the students travelled home they decided to take a look around once again and they were lucky enough to catch a little bit of sunshine too. The last Friday started with the closing ceremony, when all the students who attended the intensive English language course,  received a certificate that proves that they studied well during their stay in Hungary.

It was a great surprise when the students coming from Kazakhstan gave us some presents to show their thankfulness and satisfaction. :) After having a Gala lunch together, we went to the Vigadó Square to catch a boat with we could see the city from a different viewpoint. In my opinion this last activity was great especially because for that one hour, we spent on the boat, the weather was better than in the previous weeks.

On the following link you can find the last and latest pictures of the IBS Summer School:   Goodbye and See you later !!! :)

  /Article made by Hajnalka Kovács - IBS Trainee/