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Donát Pajer, investment manager of Hiventures, the most significant venture capital investor in Hungary, gave  a presentation at IBS. The focus of the presentation was the incubation program. Within the frame of this program applications are open to simply “great ideas” in the amount of a seed investment of  HUF 9 million. In return, a new, joint company should be founded, and the owner of the concept should divest 9 % of the ownership to Hiventures. More information can be found here. To apply, you should have a business plan, as well as applicants should fill in and answer a list of questions online. Hiventures has a network of accredited mentors whose task is to help the applicants and later those who are granted (IBS professor, Oliver Sziller is among the mentors). If you have any questions, or need advice do not hesitate to contact Hiventures, Donát Pajor or Oliver Sziller.