Most In-Demand Skills on the current Hungarian Job Market

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We are happy to share with you the results of a joint research conducted by IBS and on the most required career skills. We are very pleased that most IBS students believe that they acquire these important career skills during their IBS studies. 

A good candidate communicates confidently, is good at problem solving, speaks English, has basic computer skills, accurate, can work both independently and in team. These are the most in-demand skills besides professional knowledge according to the research jointly conducted by and International Business School. Besides the hard skills, that is professional knowledge and experience, these are the soft skills – in many cases regardless of the industry or job function – that give a competitive edge to job seekers to get recruited.

Some surprising outcomes: 

  • In public administration positions, communication skills and language competence are not leading the priority list. Here reliability and integrity are the most important features, together with the ability to deal with extensive workload and stress.
  • For CEO and management roles, workload capacity, coping with stress are less in-demand while and being confident and working independently are more prioritized.
  • Client-oriented attitude is less prioritized in hospitality and tourism in jobs that require higher education degree.

Corporate cultures are changing slowly

To sum up, Hungarian employers are searching for people with good communication and problem-solving skills, with basic IT knowledge, ability to work in teams, language competences, as these are the skills that are the hardest to find. At the moment, creativity and coping with stress are less of their priority as these capacities would also involve new types of jobs and corporate cultures. There is a big gap yet between traditional and new wave corporate cultures and their demands.

These trends will effect the strategies of job seekers, and even before that, their higher education decisions. According to the research  of  International Business School (IBS) students who completed their studies in 2016 think that communication, team work and English language skills are the most important the acquired during their studies. 82 % of them think that the skills and competences they acquired are “extremely important” or “important” in their work.   

Read more about the research here in Hungarian.