Meet our professor, Balázs Simányi!

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"The multi-cultural cohort is just amazing in IBS, I enjoy working with students from different countries, this is my atmosphere!"

What did you study and what is your special field of teaching? 

Actually, I was continuously studying until the age of 31, besides I was working since the age of 19. After finishing Hungarian High School in Budapest and having a High School Diploma in N.Y., U.S.  graduated from the International Business School - Budapest in 1998 as B.A. in Business Studies with a marketing communications diploma from the I.A.A., N.Y., US. Following the IBS education, I entered the University of Law’s 5-year faculty as a Dr. in legal and state studies. After the graduation in 2003 practiced as an attorney at law and took the BAR exam in 2006.

Regarding the work experience, I was a waiter in the states on the weekends at the age of 19, then when started the business school studies I started a small real estate agency that I left in 1996 for my placement job in the 3rd year of IBS. I worked for this company until 2015, nearly 20 years. Started as a sales assistant, manager, country manager, then being a company lawyer until 2009 when I needed to change again as in the great recession times I was appointed to be the general manager of the largest business unit placed to Germany with global responsibility. These were very hard and challenging years with a lot of pragmatic learning. In 2015 I left the international company and established a smaller IT-based marketing/management service company that I run ever since, and we mainly work with the large international retail chains.

My favorite teaching fields are operations management, law, and some other basic managerial skills. I really like to work with all year students in the BSc faculty. What I really like in BSc that students are still in the age when they can really adapt and listen to new approaches, they are still open and flexible.

What is the most challenging issue right now in that field?

I am afraid my answer here would be no surprise. In all these fields the increased online presence and remote cooperation are the greatest challenges nowadays and it includes the teaching/learning experience too.

In operations management, as lawmakers will now need to adapt the regulations to be more suitable for the changing environment will be significantly more possibility for home office working and companies will prefer that after the short time experiences, but the question is still there if it will be really beneficial for all involved parties in the long run.

Online teaching and learning obviously also opened new perspectives. Here the most important difference I believe is between an in-class and online lecture that the student must be more cooperative and motivated to catch the knowledge online than in class.

How long have you been teaching at IBS? 

I have been teaching in IBS since 2016 when I was first invited as a guest lecturer for change management topics and in the spring semester in MIS, I could hold some sessions on instore-analytics, a brand new “marriage” of IT and operations management. From 2017 became the leader of the operations management module then from 2019 the Legal Environment for Managers module where we have a team of teachers and we all really like the spirit of this team activity too. Besides these, I also participate in other modules as project management, basic macroeconomics (MBC II), and some skill classes as a seminar leader.

What is the most challenging part of teaching at IBS, that is teaching a really multi-cultural cohort of students? Are you used to it or did you have to face some unexpected challenges?

The multi-cultural cohort is just amazing in IBS, I enjoy working with students from different countries, this is my atmosphere as I have been working in an international environment since the beginning of my work life. Of course, there are differences among the students as the high school education systems differ worldwide, but this is exactly the challenge that we teachers like. Here we need to pay attention to challenge the best students in the class, but still, also we need to motivate those who have a harder understanding in some tasks because for example a certain task or exercise that we teach was just not well prepared in high school years.

How could you sum up your IBS experiences so far?

International Business School has been a place for pragmatic education since the beginning. When we graduated in 1998 or even before in the placement year, we could immediately use the knowledge we had learned in the school. At that time a good level of English language, PowerPoint / Excel knowledge, and confident administrative and communication skills were the drivers. 

Now in my teaching, also aim to be very pragmatic handing over the most up-to-date accurate knowledge with many vital examples of business life and to prepare students with knowledge as to where and how to speak up, communicate in the organization, how to negotiate, to run projects and manage companies the most professional way.