Meet our Alumni, Vivien Kozma

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"At IBS students are encouraged to have their own ‘vision’, and I do believe there is something amazing in this world."

How did you decide to study at IBS? Was this your original plan or did you consider any other options?

I was always planning to go to New York and study communication, preferably PR and media. The City was very attractive to me, and I was devoted to getting into a prestigious university. For that reason, I had a gap year after my high school graduation and I prepared my application to New York. In a nutshell, the application process is much more different from the Hungarian one, and taking a year off helped me to prepare everything for my ‘package’. I needed several motivational and recommendation letters, extraordinary out-of-school activities, and several universities also hold an online ‘interview’. I got into two universities; however, long story short, it turned out that it was not something I truly needed.

My mother found IBS when I ‘officially’ decided that I would withdraw my application from the university in New York. I met a wonderful lady at the administration desk, Rita Door, and she introduced IBS to me and my family. I really liked the connection to the University of Buckingham, and I immediately got interested in the Diplomacy course. It was drastically different from my original ‘career-dreams’, but it made me excited. I made further research on IBS, and we decided that the investment was worth it when we learned the statistics of employment ratio after graduation. The application process was smooth, and I had already applied by the middle of August.

Why IBS? This is a bit of a joke, but please share as much as you think to appropriate why you chose IBS when you had an other opportunity? 

For the above-mentioned reasons, I felt like IBS’s Diplomacy course can offer me more than the faculty I have applied to in New York. I could stay close to my family while still being in an international community. Do not get me wrong, New York is an absolute dream, and it is an awesome city, but, I feel like many of us fantasize to study there before we consider how much Hungary could give us. I fell in love with Budapest all over again, and I am more than happy I decided to stay here.

The international environment of IBS, the location of the university buildings, and the facilities are excellent and could meet any international standards. Also, the medley of different cultures challenged my vision, and I learned a lot about the world. I had nothing but a pleasant experience during my three years, and I think everyone was very welcoming of others.

Within IBS what is your special interest and why? Who was your favorite professor?

As I said, I basically came to IBS for the Diplomacy course. Coincidentally, the Distinguished Tutor, Mr. László Várkonyi led my oral communication test, and he was very fond of my answers, and further motivated me to join the course in the second year. In the beginning, I had challenging times as this study area was completely new to me. However, I was motivated and highly interested, so I started to read extra materials for the classes. I read books, newspapers, and studies, watched related videos, and compared the news to extend my view of politics and challenge my own ideas. By the end of the second year, I was confident in myself and in my answers as I had my own opinion. IBS provides an excellent opportunity to find something that really interests us, and the classes are very practical.

Regarding my faculty, I would also highlight the opportunity of the monthly lunches organized by the Grandhouse International Club at marvelous places like the Four Seasons – for this, IBS provided the Diplomacy faculty access. It helped us, the students, practice the lessons we had learned while we met spectacular individuals of the world of diplomacy.

About the professors, I can only give positive feedback regarding the Diplomacy related subjects. They are all highly educated intellectuals and experts, and I learned a lot from them. They are open to questions and ready to help. Moreover, I really think it is an extraordinary side of IBS that everyone was able to share their personal opinion without having any views forced on them. Students were encouraged to have their own ‘vision’, and I do believe there is something amazing in this world. I would like to express my special gratitude towards Márta Bartha-Rigó, Ph.D. as she was my Academic Writing Consultant, and she kept challenging me the whole time. She was extremely helpful, and I commend her for her academic knowledge and excellence. I would also like to mention Ms. Krisztina Vida, Ph.D., and Mr. László Várkonyi as they were truly our guardian angels during our studies.

Did you have some interesting placements or work during your study?

I spent my placement period at two places; the European Commission Representation of Hungary (for six weeks) and the Ministry of Human Capacities (for fourteen weeks). Both of the places were welcoming and helped my personal development. Still, my heart found a place at the Ministry of Human Capacities, and I look forward to my future.

Did they (the school/teachers) help you to find a job?

I think everyone has the same excellent opportunities at IBS. I would recommend being very specific and ‘choosy’ in what you would like to do professionally as an IBS student. The professors are very helpful!

Where do you work now? What do you do there?

I work at the Ministry of Human Capacities as a Social Development and Social Policy Officer. Amusingly, I started on my birthday (July 1) and it is also the Day of Officials and Civil Servants in Hungary.

What would be your dream job?

I am extremely lucky because my first job is at the Ministry of Human Capacities and it is an absolute career dream for anyone like me who is interested in politics and international relations.

What is your hobby?

I really like to read in my free time and spend quality time with my loved ones. Currently, I am also trying to balance my professional and personal life as it is truly a new chapter in my life.

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