Is evolution a pact with the devil?

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Can the next step of human evolution involve a partial dementia? Can we see where the algorithm generation is heading to?  Professor Bálint Nagy on evolution and education

Professor Bálint Nagy is reflecting on a recent article in Kreatív online that explored if digitalization had an overall negative effect on humanity. Have you ever considered the possibility that the generation of the so called digital indigenous’ nervous system already works in a different way than that of the generation in their thirties? This is not a question for him, says professor Nagy, as he is well aware that the answer is a straight yes. Digitalization not only rewired the brain itself but also the way how it operates, as well as its output, thought. One of the first symptoms of this process is the reduction of attention span. This is one of the reasons why visual information became dominant today. Those who are in their twenties now use a different vocabulary, different syntax which are closer to the language of marketing or promotion than classical literature. Teaching, consequently, requires as well new techniques, methodology, capacity. Students unfortunately don’t really need to rely on their fantasy and imagination to create their own figures as they receive ready-made fantasy and images. Memorializing information is not a point as anything can be accessed, and retrieved. This is a revolutionary new factor in education.

Social media and the web do not expand the mind and open up the world for the majority of their users. Rather, they help them to get stuck in their bubble. “Evolution is a Faustian pact you cannot get out of it just what is good.” Let alone that “good” is never fixed, it is changing with time and context. So we cannot really answer the question, however, we can consider it as the next step of evolution when the human brain with the help of AI can access and analyse data, in an amount and density that has never been available in history. Where this will navigate the ship of civilization is unpredictable yet.

Read the full article here (only in Hungarian).