IBS students would feel at home at Wizz Air

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Mátyás Virt, Senior Regional HR Manager, Wizz Air, East Europe Region was the guest lecturer in Professor Balázs Somodi’s Management & Business Context module

What were the major steps of your career that eventually led you to HR?
I chose HR before I even started a career, during my university studies. I started as an economics major, however, in the last three semesters I faced the fact that I had to decide what specialisation I wanted. Given the wide range of programmes, the decision was not easy. I was attracted to employees’ interactions within major companies, so eventually, I chose HR. I have never regretted it.


In what ways does HR differ in the companies that you have worked for so far?
I started my HR road at CIB bank, then I worked for Vodafone and now for Wizz Air. I must admit that there are many common points and I found many familiar things during my journey, but of course, there are extremely different approaches depending on the companies and their field of activity, how many years they have already been out on the market, the company culture and the diversity of the employees.

How does your field, HR Operations, differ from HR Centres of Expertise?
I have always thought of HR Centres of Expertise as the “sexy HR”, it is the “spring” of HR, the time when everything is green, flowers are blowing, fruits mellow... However, HR Operations field is its less attractive sister, “autumn”, the time of the year when you prepare for winter. HR Operations deals with payroll, contracting, HR data administration, HR controlling.

What are the biggest challenges in international HR currently?
I am working with 15 countries at the moment, and these challenges differ country by country, as well as industry by industry. Still, if I have to name the most common one, it would be attracting and engaging talents to the organisation.

How does the selection process work at Wizz Air? Is it online? How do you see international mobility for Wizz Air?
At Wizz Air we have three groups for which we tailor the selection: cabin crew, flight crew and office employees. For cabin crew and flight crew, we have organised recruitment days all around the world where we use assessment centres and online video applications for pilots. For office employees, we use the usual recruitment channels. We, as Wizz Air strive to use as many channels and processes as possible to recruit the required human resource and we are always open for new ways. Workforce relocation is quite common in this type of industry, and it has not been a challenge so far. In the last one or two years, relocation has been becoming even more common and we see more and more employees comfortable with the change.

IBS has students from all over the world, they speak many different languages. What opportunities would they have in Wizz Air?  
When I first came to IBS to give a lecture, due to the diversity of the school, I felt as if I was doing my everyday job. I must say that the students of IBS would feel at home with us and we have many opportunities waiting for them.

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