Head of the StarTau Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center at IBS

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Hila Glick, head of the StarTau Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center gave a lecture for a group of MSc International Management students in the Entrepreneurship and Family Business module.

Hila, due to her position, is connected to all (some 250!) incubators and acceletors in Israel. She is also one of the founding members and head of Innovation Without Borders. In her close to an hour-long lecture, she outlined the ecosystem of Israeli startups, also presenting the difficulties, advantages, and the challenges Israel has to face when it comes to seed stage or early stage companies. She also explained in what ways these issues differ from the ones in Hungary. By the way, the Jozma program was initiated in Hungary 25 years ago, and it is this same program that proved to be a key factor of the success of Israeli stratups. Thanks to this program, at present, Israel is the second largest startup centre in the world, following Silicon Valley in California. 

After the presentation Hila talked about her own experiences, how one can set up, develop and scale a startup right after university. She also highlighted that similar training, devices, analytical and evaluation tools are applied in stratup education (at StarTau) that we do here at IBS.