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Délia Vékony

IBS is a unique international island in a country very much caught up with the obsession of the "local." The students come with unique world-views that I find extremely interesting to work with.

  • Senior Lecturer
  • Diplomacy, Arts & Social Studies
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Dr Délia Vékony is an art historian and philosopher. She completed her BA and MA with a South African university, and did additional studies in the US and London. She completed her phd in contemporary art theory in Leiden University, The Netherlands.

She says, „ Art is not simply a profession for me, it is a passion and a lifestyle. Aside from teaching, that I think of as a mission for life, I open exhibitions, publish for various periodicals and visit shows and art professionals on a regular basis. I enjoy discovering the art world of various countries, and doing all this with students is a top priority. There are a few things I enjoy more than spending days, for instance, in Venice with my students, exploring the city and its old and contemporary art.”