Cricket: Team work and Patience

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Conversation with IBS Cricket team 

How did it occur to you that you set up a cricket team here in Budapest at IBS where you study, far from your home?

Cricket is a traditional sport for us in India and Pakistan, most of us are from those countries. We have played since our childhood, so that is why we wanted to set up this sport at IBS. We received a lot of support from Mr Jawwad Fakhar (IBS representative) and the rest of IBS, and Mr. Kenneth Umeh. They have welcomed the idea and now we are playing cricket in Hungary.

Who is the captain?

My name is Amit Salve, I have been playing cricket for more than 16 years, starting from school and then college.  So I wanted to do it in Hungary as well and Kenneth Umeh and Anna Doherty helped. We initiated it and it is a big job for me to organize the whole thing. We, who are in the team, we knew one another even before we came here, we are coming from the same part of the world more or less.

So far we played three practice matches, we lost one and won two in Sződliget, the only cricket field in Hungary.

I am afraid many people here do not know what cricket is. Could you outline how it is played?

You have to come and see it, watch it and you understand it, it is hard to explain. It is not easy to put it into words. One team is batting and one team is fielding. It is a team sport and shares a similar philosophy to baseball. Cricket was invented by the British and when they came to India, they brought it with them so its roots go back to colonial times. I suggest that you watch a movie called  Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India  which tells the story of the first time cricket was played in India.

Ken: You play your game in a faraway country, far from your home, what does this mean to you, what is the one thing that you are hoping to get from this experience?

We want to popularize cricket in Hungary. It is played in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, parts of Africa and we want to spread this in Europe as only four countries (England, Scotland, Ireland and Netherlands) have played at World Cup level.

It is great to see how much you keep together.

This game is about team work and patience, it is the longest game that you will see. Sometimes it takes one day, sometimes four and five. What will we get from this? Unity.

Some of you study in MSc, so you are here in Hungary only for 1 year, some of you are here for 3 years. How is the plan to continue the future of the cricket team?

If we tell people in Pakistan and India that we are playing cricket here, more people will be attracted to Hungary and IBS if they learn that IBS has a cricket team. So there will be a continuation, for sure.

Team: Amit Salve (Captain, Field Coach), Ali Yalmaz (Kit Keeper, Vice Captain), Aadil Liaquat, Arup Ghosh, Divyansh Kumer, Faraz Ahmed Gujar, Khurram Saleem, Butt Shahzaib, Sushant Mane

Come and watch the team playing at GB Oval, 2133 Sződliget, 15 Új utca
1 July 2 pm
22 July 10.30 am
12 August 10.30 am
26 August 10.30 am
9 September 1.30

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