Budapest is the least expensive city in Europe to study abroad

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Soon the academic year begins, so Le Figaro has reviewed the analysis of the cost of living by the internet portal Uniplace.

Uniplace has examined which are the five European university cities where an Erasmus scholarship student can live normally from the lowest possible budget. Three items of expenditure were considered: housing costs, spending on urban transport and food. In this comparison, Budapest won the low-cost competition, two Portuguese and two Central European cities were included among the five cheapest.

So the details: In Budapest you can get housing from € 250 (this seems to be low in terms of the raising fees, although if more people rent a flat, it is realistic), € 11 for urban transport (monthly HUF 3450). For food, you do not have to spend more than € 100 (actually, 1000 HUF per day seems too exaggerated, but it is true that it does not cost you a lot), so an Erasmus student can live form € 360 in Budapest. It is, in Prague 403, 409 in Porto, 426 in Warsaw, 502 in Lisbon, for such a lifestyle. So, the five cheapest university cities in Europe where you can live from € 500 are Budapest, Prague, Porto, Warsaw and Lisbon.

The other end is London, with accommodation of € 680, transport of up to € 340 and the minimum cost of spending € 1124. Paris is the second most expensive European university city with € 914. The German and Spanish university cities are in the middle, between € 600 and € 800, except Munich with its € 893. Amsterdam's and Milan's € 900 budget is no surprise - says Le Figaro.

Uniplaces has also previously studied tuition fees that apply to longer-term projects than Erasmus. In London, a good university has a tuition fee of over € 10,000, while in the German, Dutch, Belgian and French universities, thanks to the more generous state subsidy, this is less than a € 1000. In an earlier study, beer prices were also compared, an important info for university students. In this category, Budapest and Prague are also the cheapest ones, prices are between € 1 and 2.5, while Paris is the sixth most expensive. The test did not extend to the quality of the foamy drink, but this is another story. In the Central European capitals, college students can go to a restaurant as well, since on average they can dine for € 10.5, while in other parts of Europe they start at € 15 for a similar level of restaurant excursions.

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