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Hola todos ! I am Bettina Kiss, 4th year student at IBS. I spent five really nice months in Barcelonain the first semester, which was a great experience in my life. Spending one semester in one of IBS’s partner universities is a really good opportunity to challenge yourself and to meet interesting people from other parts of the world. This is the best way to improve your language skills and have an unforgetable international experience.

What comes to our mind first about Spain? Sangria, Bullfight, Siesta and Fiesta… True, they are all key elements of the Spanish culture, although there are much more things waiting to be discovered. Barcelona, in other name “The city of Gaudi” is the most European city of Spain, but unfortunately the most expensive one as well. If you want to spend a part of your life there, you will have to consider this point. The cost of living is almost the same as in Budapest, even a bit cheaper too, while renting a flat may cost huge amount of money. Feel like working in Spain? There are several practice opportunities, where companies appreciate international students, but the knowledge of the Spanish language is a basic requirement.

Spanish people’s mentality differs a lot from Hungarians. Their easy-going lifestyle will have a positive effect on you! My favourite quote what best describes them is: “We work for living and not live for working”. The city is full of entertainment and sport opportunities, exhibitions, monuments and really cool clubs. Spanish people really enjoy their life, do the same! Just go to dance salsa, meet with you friends in a typical Spanish bar and take some tapas with the famous Catalan cava! After these, have fun in the widely-famous clubs of Barcelona, just like Pacha and Razzmatazz! During the day, walk along the Rambla and enjoy the diversity of the city! Have a drink in a bar at Tibidabo during the night and enjoy the marvellous view of the city! Rest a bit in Parc Güell, and visit the important places, what you could have seen in Woody Allen’s newest movie, Vicky Christina Barcelona! Follow the route of Modernism and experience the architects of Gaudi!  These are all part of the life in Barcelona!

The public transport-system of the city is simply fantastic. The city offers several metro-lines, frequently going daily and night buses. Everything is easily accessible with this network system. You can reach some of the beaches of Costa Brava in 20-50 minutes from the centre by train.

The annual average temperate of the city is about 18°C, while it happens frequently that the temperature reaches 15-20°C in winter (as I experienced it even in January).  Because of this lovely weather you can go to amazing beaches from March to the Costa Brava, like to Sitges.

EAE EAE Business School is a private university, called Escuela de Administración de Empresas in Spanish. The university is close to the centre, it’s well-equipped and the staff is helpful and nice. You have a wide variety of Spanish subjects and also a few in English, so I’m sure that you will find the most suitable ones. Even if you have problems with the Spanish language, I would recommend you taking as much subjects in Spanish as possible, because you can improve a lot without recognizing it. Trips aren’t organized by the school, but there is an introduction day where you can meet the Erasmus students, with whom you’re going to spend the next half (or whole) year. There you can hear some info about the school and usually they offer some clubs to go out, where everyone participates. In this way you can get to know each other and then organize more excursions and fiestas (parties) together.

You can find some Erasmus groups of EAE on , where you can get to know those students with whom you will spend your Erasmus semester. You can chat with the existing students too who may give you some advice for your stay in Barcelona! You can check the school on the follwoing link ( ), but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! My e-mail address is: I would like to encourage you to take your chance and spend one semester abroad by the Erasmus Student Exchange Programme. It will be the most excellent and challenging journey in your whole life, what you will never forget!! Buena suerte !! J