An optimistic JUMP into the unknown - interview with our Alumni, Orsi Kovács

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Our former student, Orsi Kovács is currently living and working in the UK. She is a qualified life and business coach and wrote a book, called JUMP – How to achieve absolutely ANYTHING in just 3 months. With her book, she encourages everyone to dare to jump, be smart and believe that the Universe will help them along the way to achieve anything they want in just 3 months.

Tell me something about your life after IBS.

After graduating at economics and marketing communication at IBS in 2003, at the age of 23, I moved to London. I thought that with my degrees, it would be pretty easy to find a fantastically well-paying job and have the dream life I always wanted. Well, London thought differently. For the first time in my life, I experienced the bitter taste of rejection. (Hungary was not part of the EU at that time.) As I needed the money to support myself, I ended up working in a cafe. Imagine the look on my father’s face when he found out that his gorgeous and smart daughter was working in a coffee shop in Kilburn, serving coffee and English breakfast to either builders or interesting people who were constantly talking to themselves. All in all, it was a great experience, and I loved every single minute of it.

Shortly afterwards, I became a restaurant manager in one of the Italian franchise restaurants, and learned to work to very high standards as laid out by my company. A few years later, I moved back to Hungary and started working as an executive assistant for different companies. In the meantime, I decided to study coaching, and in June 2012, I became a qualified life & business coach. Unfortunately, I was never really happy in Hungary – I always felt that something was missing. I wanted to live in a country that would give me real prospects to progress and to use my skills and abilities so I decided to move back to London, where I accepted an executive assistant position for a very large organisation called Select Service Partner, where I stayed at until last July.

Do you remember somebody from IBS who was memorable for you as a teacher or a subject that proved to be really helpful for you in your later career?

I can't really pick one subject that helped my career more than others. I learned a lot at IBS and I have many great memories from that time. Thanks to those years my analytical, organisational and interpersonal skills became excellent. As for teachers, I can only recall Laszlo Lang, and I also very warmly remember Eteleka Dombora, who was always helpful when any of the students had problems.

How did you get to coaching after all these?

Coaching came into my life in 2012. I wanted to find out why certain patterns were reoccurring in my life and how to change them and how I could get rid of those ugly self-limiting beliefs that were basically stopping me achieving anything I wanted in life. At first I thought coaching would be a great tool to get to know myself better but then soon after I realised how rewarding it was to help others go through the same journey as well. If you ever decide to study coaching, I highly recommend the Coaching Academy in Budapest, where I also got my qualification from.

I always have a problem to understand coaching and what it really covers. What is coaching actually?

It is neither training, nor mentoring , but it is rather a new way to bring the best out of people. How do we do that?  We actively listen to them and we ask questions people do not dare to ask from themselves. Coaching is the universal language of change and learning. It is a tool to identify the skills and capabilities that are within the person, and enabling them to use these assets to the best of their ability. Coaching is a confidential, non-judgemental relationship, which facilitates a wide range of learning, experimentation, and development. It is all about having someone believe in you, encourage you, and help you look at things from a different angle.

Do you have your own company or entrepreneurship to work as a coach? How do you find your clients? Or how do they find you?

Everything is relatively new. Only 7 months ago I was invited to a conference where the speakers were sharing ideas with us on how to break the time and money link. I’m sure you are familiar with the concept: when you are stuck in a position, working all day, earning just enough to pay your expenses, leaving you with no extra cash to invest. One of the presenters at this event was talking about book publishing, and I found the whole idea rather fascinating. Suddenly, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, and everything became clear. I wanted to write a book. I knew that I needed to write about something that I was not only good at but also felt truly passionate about. That was coaching. So with that I decided to hand in my resignation the next Monday I would be at work. Was this the craziest idea I had ever come up with? Most probably it was. Jumping into the unknown. But for some reason, I had no doubts that I was going to make it work. What’s more, I would be great at it. The title of the book: JUMP – How to Achieve Absolutely Anything in Just 3 Months. I hear your question, “Why does it have to be exactly 3 months?” The answer is simple. 3 months are more than enough to achieve what you want if you have a clear vision. Even if you fail (you will most certainly not), what is there to lose? I’m sure we all wasted more than 90 days in our lives with ideas that drove us nowhere at the end. Currently my company is a one women show. Clients get to know me at the seminars I'm holding, they can read about me on my website, connect with me on my Facebook page, meet me in person at my own meetup events, can be coached at my biweekly webinars and join the Jump Club Mastermind Group that I just recently launched.

How big and competitive is the coaching market in London?

There are  many people who present themselves as coaches but they do not have any appropriate qualifications. The competition is fierce but my book definitely helps me stand out from the crowd.

I just recently got my first professional review that spoke highly about my work.

How do you make money from the book?

Jump is now available in Amazon and it has a kindle format as well. It is relatively fresh, so I cannot yet tell you how many copies were sold but I think it is quite successful. Through my website anybody can download the first 21 days of my journey for free of charge. Earning royalties from writing a book or a song is a great way to generate some passive income. After you create the content and publish your book (hard copy and/or eBook) all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the sound of the sales messages pop up on your phone each day.

Can you mention a success story with your clients?

Emma is 33-year-old engineer in the tunnelling industry. A rather uncommon profession for such a delicate lady. When our coaching program started Emma felt that her life was rather empty, and she felt lost. Spent endless hours at work, where, thanks to her steadfastness of purpose and expertise, she rapidly moved up the career ladder. Unfortunately, some of her co-workers, and even her boss sometimes, didn’t seem to recognise her input into the company, and Emma also found it rather difficult to stand up for herself. She has learned to be assertive and has changed her working pattern by implementing new strategies. Emma is going to start the Women in Construction training this year. I can say, without any doubt, she has an amazing career ahead of her. She finally moved into her new home last December. She was asked to be a short hair model at a beauty salon, which she gladly accepted. According to her, this could have never happened if it hadn't been for the coaching program, and she also added that she finally felt happy and content with herself and just loved her new life.

As for me, seven months ago, I got on this crazy rollercoaster in search of excitement, and I got everything I have ever wished for. I'm more determined than ever before, to improve myself, learn and develop, and help others do the same. Only this way, we can have everything that this beautiful life has to offer. So from now on, make each day count, be smart, play big, and enjoy the ride! After all, life is the most amazing rollercoaster you could ever be on.