One life, instead of work-life balance

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Katalin Tardos' MSc HR module attended a conference in Akvárium


Professor Katalin Tardos with her students in the Msc HR module attended HRFESTin Akvárium, organized for the second time after its initiation last year. The owner and co-founder of HRFEST is Gergely Tóth, former IBS student. HR has never been so exciting and important as it is today, he says in his introduction to the event. It depends on you what your world of working will be like in the next couple of years, so let’s make it the way we want it. This was the aim of the festival, where the best HR professionals gathered to show their practice, to present their creativity, to inspire others.

From among the presentations, one of IBS students’ favourite was Nomad train by Olga Isaeva and Marina Sirotkina, co-founders of the project. It is a Transsyberian train where likeminded people meet and travel while they are doing their work as well. It connects work, travel, helps cooperation, encourages collaborations, connects network organizations. While you are travelling and seeing new places, you can still do your remote work without being at home, alone. This might be a good answer for the challenges of work—life balance: one life! Is this the future?