Have you ever heard the universal anthem?

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Société Réaliste’s “Universal Anthem” is the experimental piece that is comprised of mathematical medium of the 193 UN member nation’s individual anthems.

The French-Hungarian artist duo, the Société Réaliste (Gróf Ferenc, Jean-Baptiste Naudy) introduced its unique piece in a (public) concert and exhibition, which is made from the mathematical median of the 193 UN member nation’s individual anthems, the “Universal Anthem.” Partnering up with Frédéric Mauclère, the Société Réaliste was able to work out a computer program which based on MIDI stocks can count median musical transcriptions. The artist use this technology to create the “averaged” United Nations anthem. The program breaks down every single anthem of the 193 member nation and computes a mathematical median. The artists will attempt the impracticable with the help of music composer Horváth Balázs. They performed the previously computer generated musical piece in a live concert at Szabadság Square, to answer for the invitation of the Eleven Emlékmű Group. The performance was part of the Off Biennale.

Participating artists: Société Réaliste (Ferenc Gróf, Jean-Baptiste Naudy), Balázs Horváth (Byron), Horváth Balázs (componist)
Zsolt Bartek – clarinet/ piccolo clarinet
Antal Nagy – trumpet
István Siket – trumpet
András Kovalcsik –horn
Peti Magyar – trombone
Attila Peresztegi – tuba
János Nevelő – drum
Gyula Lajhó – cymbal
Conductor: Balázs Horváth

Project manager: Kopeczky Róna

Organizing institution – supporting: French Institute

 You can listen to it here.