The Department of Arts Management's trip to Venice

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For the annual international field trip, this year the Department of Arts Management went to the Venice biennale.

Students from each year joined the trip and the 15 of us went to indulge in art and culture in this remarkable city for four days at the end of June. Aside from the Venice Biennale that is one of the most outstanding contemporary art events of the world with more than 70 countries participating, we visited several exhibitions and sites in this beautiful city. During the day, between 10-6 it was intense 'arting' and in the evening we dived into the Venice nightlife with seafood and prosecco. We closed the trip with a great dinner, prepared by students, at the deck of one of the rented appartments. It was not only a highly educational journey that gave an insight into where the world is going, it was also great fun and overall an unforgettable experience!
Thank you all!

BSc in Management with Arts