Exhibition by Rudolf Pacsika, OFF-Biennale

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The wheelchairs form a network. We can only guess the amount of pain, recovery, fear and worry that these objects must have witnessed. The chairs are connected to each other, forming a circle.

This arrangement eliminates the original function of these objects. With the help of a pneumatic system, the chairs slowly „breath”. This movement unveils their transformation: the pneumatic force push them into a larger circle when the chairs are open, and into a smaller one when they are closed. The use of objects that allow both a popular and charitable-social interpretation leads to a tensed situation. The suppressed message of the work raises more questions than answers about social adaptation, tolerance, and vulnerability.

Special thanks to Bimatik kft - István Bakos - Péter Cserháti - Kornél Bebesi - Tibor Roller - Miklós Szócska - Géza Kis - Balázs Bojtor - Károly Sebők - Kálmán Kovács - László Kolozsi - Művészet Malom, Szentendre - Dániel Juhász - Hajnal Kassai - Tünde Pacsika - Mária Lilla Pacsika - Máté Pacsika - Domonkos File - László Barabási-Albert.

Agency / Riot

Exhibition byRudolf Pacsika - OFF-Biennale Budapest

On view until May 31.Open through Wednesday to Saturday from 15 pm until 18 pm or by appoinment

Budapest, Henszlmann Imre 5. (inner courtyard)