Art in Collaboration

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Students of the Introduction to Visual Culture module visited the exhibition Common Affairs – Collaborative Art Projects in Ludwig Museum Budapest – Museum of Contemporary Art.

Contemporary artists do not work in an ivory tower, neither do they think of themselves as special individuals or geniuses. The exhibition is based on a four-year international program aimed at sharing collaborative practices and make art sensible, practicable, approachable for everybody. The artists worked together with different communities, marginalized people, or groups in difficult situations, mentally challenged or visually impaired people, among them. The artists participating in the program are socially engaged people, and during the process artists and members of the groups could experience a way out of isolation, the power of mutual support and eventually, the power of art.

During our visit, some of the artists presented their works. Kamilla Szij and Henrietta Szira talked about how they worked together with blind people. Rokko Juhász, a Slovakian Hungarian performance artist presented how he and his colleagues created a situation in a class of so called difficult students, where these students received appropriate attention. Figuring out the opening code of a suitcase helped them to learn math, and inside the suitcase students found objects that helped them to learn history.

Open until March 18, 2018

BSc in Arts Management